Saturday, September 7, 2013

The City that never sleeps...

You all know what time it is.. NYFW! I'm watching it all unfold but expect a post soon about my favorite shows and street style.
Pricness Leia

Monday, September 2, 2013

Shine bright like a diamond: Metallic Wishlist

My metallic wishlist! Wearing metallics is so fun. Shiny and reflective I feel like a neon pedestrian sign but that's the whole point! Here's some of my favorites...
From chicwish

From asos

From asos
From topshop

Judging by the title you could see this coming but for some reason whenever I see something shiny I start singing shine bright like a diamond ohhhh... I can not be the only one with this problem. (Let me know.)
Princess Leia

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tumbler Inspiration

Here are some photos from Tumblr I've been thinking about recently. It's slightly a mashup but enjoy!

Princess Leia

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Can't shake from my brain:Round 2

It's time for round two! This time I've put together some of my favorite minimalist looks from past seasons. I have a tremendous amount of respect for designers who create looks so simple yet revolutionary. These next looks I think meet that standard. So without further ado here they are:

The first look is from Acne Spring 2013. I am very fond of mixing in an unexpected detail to an outfit. I mean who would think to wear a t-shirt and a fancy "weddingdressy" dress? But it looks effortlessly cool.  Plus it's kinda ironic of the message which just adds to its greatness. After thinking about this photo for awhile I started to wonder what shoes were parired with it. I did some research and found they were some fabulous gladiator sandals that go up to your knee. Very punky yet chic!


This look is from Celine Spring 2013. I love whimsical pieces like these wonderfully puffy shoes! From keeping it from getting too crazy, the rest of the look is rather sophisticated. I think the slightly raised neckline is a cool offbeat vibe for the outfit. It might be just me but I noticed that the top and the skirt appear to be two various fabrics or slightly different color. Is that right or is it just the photo? I think I enjoy two similar yet different fabrics. Let me draw your attention to the slightly oversized top causing a bunching on the sleeve. Anywhere else I would feel it looks awkward but it somehow fits the personality I imagine for the wearer of this look. Does that make any sense? Maybe not...

This look is from Mason Martin Margiela Spring 2013. I'm just now realizing that all the looks have been spring 2013 but oh well. I think we all know the highlight of the look is the intriguing eyepiece. It's looks so modern and space age, I love it! Without it the outfit would be terribly blah...The eyepiece jazzes up the black and white making it look very fresh.

 It remind me of the google glasses I've been hearing about recently. They appeared  the September issue of Vogue this year. Here's a photo( from vogue):
Apparently they are the future. Does that mean we'll always be connected to the web in 20 years? Think how different life could become if we're always checking our tumblr and tweeting about every single aspect of our life. Shudder.. people already do that. Well that was my little spiel. Sorry to get off the subject but I think it's something to ponder once in awhile these days.

I apologize for the absence as I was traveling. I'm hoping to get back on schedule and post everyday.
Princess Leia