Saturday, September 7, 2013

The City that never sleeps...

You all know what time it is.. NYFW! I'm watching it all unfold but expect a post soon about my favorite shows and street style.
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Shine bright like a diamond: Metallic Wishlist

My metallic wishlist! Wearing metallics is so fun. Shiny and reflective I feel like a neon pedestrian sign but that's the whole point! Here's some of my favorites...
From chicwish

From asos

From asos
From topshop

Judging by the title you could see this coming but for some reason whenever I see something shiny I start singing shine bright like a diamond ohhhh... I can not be the only one with this problem. (Let me know.)
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Tumbler Inspiration

Here are some photos from Tumblr I've been thinking about recently. It's slightly a mashup but enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Can't shake from my brain:Round 2

It's time for round two! This time I've put together some of my favorite minimalist looks from past seasons. I have a tremendous amount of respect for designers who create looks so simple yet revolutionary. These next looks I think meet that standard. So without further ado here they are:

The first look is from Acne Spring 2013. I am very fond of mixing in an unexpected detail to an outfit. I mean who would think to wear a t-shirt and a fancy "weddingdressy" dress? But it looks effortlessly cool.  Plus it's kinda ironic of the message which just adds to its greatness. After thinking about this photo for awhile I started to wonder what shoes were parired with it. I did some research and found they were some fabulous gladiator sandals that go up to your knee. Very punky yet chic!


This look is from Celine Spring 2013. I love whimsical pieces like these wonderfully puffy shoes! From keeping it from getting too crazy, the rest of the look is rather sophisticated. I think the slightly raised neckline is a cool offbeat vibe for the outfit. It might be just me but I noticed that the top and the skirt appear to be two various fabrics or slightly different color. Is that right or is it just the photo? I think I enjoy two similar yet different fabrics. Let me draw your attention to the slightly oversized top causing a bunching on the sleeve. Anywhere else I would feel it looks awkward but it somehow fits the personality I imagine for the wearer of this look. Does that make any sense? Maybe not...

This look is from Mason Martin Margiela Spring 2013. I'm just now realizing that all the looks have been spring 2013 but oh well. I think we all know the highlight of the look is the intriguing eyepiece. It's looks so modern and space age, I love it! Without it the outfit would be terribly blah...The eyepiece jazzes up the black and white making it look very fresh.

 It remind me of the google glasses I've been hearing about recently. They appeared  the September issue of Vogue this year. Here's a photo( from vogue):
Apparently they are the future. Does that mean we'll always be connected to the web in 20 years? Think how different life could become if we're always checking our tumblr and tweeting about every single aspect of our life. Shudder.. people already do that. Well that was my little spiel. Sorry to get off the subject but I think it's something to ponder once in awhile these days.

I apologize for the absence as I was traveling. I'm hoping to get back on schedule and post everyday.
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Friday, August 16, 2013


     In preface to Round 2 of Can't shake from my brain inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Love Aesthetics, I wanted to write a little about minimalism.

     I am inspired by the lifestyle in general. It interests me simply because I know I would never be able obtain one. It is a foreign thing. Awhile ago I was thinking of redoing my room and going for a minimalist feel. The more I thought about it the more I realized I couldn't sustain it. For one, think about the cleaning! But the way I decorate, I tend to keep old trinkets and  treasured items on display. I also keep back issues of magazines which I admire later for inspiration. Along with these, I keep meaningless things that I ought to toss. 

    The whole essence of minimalism is to keep your most favorite things and get rid of the rest. I do really believe that can benefit you so that you are not materialistic, which is a different story entirely.

     I am between thoughts of whether this, let's say "precious clutter" inhibits you from focusing on a goal, and distracting you or if they have a justified emotional and sentimental value. I mean it must or else why would we keep it? I ask myself that sometimes when I come across something that has no purpose? Do we do it subconsciously? Somethings in your room can inspire you but at the same time a clear open space with only your most prized items, allows you brain to " breathe fresh air". Does this mean that I want a minimalist lifestyle? Maybe. As I am on my own style journey to really find me I am often conflicted on these matters and left in a state of confusion.
    I  sometimes think that by not having a minimalist lifestyle I can appreciate the beauty more. There is something simply refreshing about the crisp white color and modern design. It might just be the OCD in me but when I picture a minimalist white clean room my brain relaxes and just says ahhh. And when viewing minimalism from a distance is, at least to me art. Art should relax yet promote questions for your brain and minimalism does exactly that for me.  

     Ivania, I assume gets asks frequently something along the line of "don't you ever get tired of dressing solely in non-colors?". Her response is no. When she explained herself it really made me rethink my idea of the process of designing. When you take away the embellishments and color you're left with the raw design. Coming up with something unique with those requirements I can imagine is extremely difficult. That's where some serious ingenuity and engineering have to work to create something breathtaking yet simple. And when all these aspects come together, it is beautiful. I honestly look at designing in a new light.

I hope that developed some thoughts!
Be sure to check out Ivania's blog for some inspiration!
Princess Leia
P.S. I know someone's reading this because blogger tells me so... So I urge you to leave some comments on what you think, want to see etc. 

Slow it Down

Slow it Down by the Lumineers

I've been listening a lot to Mumford and Sons on youtube and after one of the songs, the Lumineers popped up. I'd heard of them so I started to listen to one song and then the next and the next, until I was hooked. When I listen songs with mainly guitar playing I am flooded with the desire to be able to play. I actually took a course over the summer but never continued so I guess I can't complain. 

This song is just bliss. The kind that gives you chills and you can't help sing along. It also sounds very raw which I love.

What kind of music do you guys listen to?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dreaded Words

It happens every year, yet somehow I'm always unprepared. It's time to start talking about back to school...sigh..You see ads on tv and newspapers and clothing sales everywhere but I still can't accept the fact. To have something positive to think about  BTS, let's talk backpacks! I've had my L.L.Bean backpack a while now so I'm ready for something different. I've been researching backpacks a lot lately so I'll show you some of my faves. I'm really into classic looking backpacks that will go with everything so that's what you'll mostly see.

The first backpack is from is a Herschel Retreat Backpack. I just love the look of it and I think it'd be very practical. It comes in army green, black, khaki and this grey. There's a secret pocket in the front and lots of space in the main compartment  Not to mention there's a cinch at the top of the bag to close it.

The next backpack is a 

Kånken. These backpacks were originally made for Swedish school children but since everyone has fallen in love with them! They are super durable and look very comfy. Plus, the backpacks come in just about every color you could possibly imagine. Just look at this girl rockin' it.

Here's another Herschel backpack. This one is called the Survey. I love this one too but I worry it does not have as much space. It looks like there'd be only space for say a laptop but it's a nice backpack for the summer.

Sorry about the blurry photo. Last is a just-for-fun backpack from Nasty Gal. 

What types of backpacks are you guys wearing this fall?
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Going old school with the Nifty Fifties

        I'm completely obsessed with the 50s at the moment. All the high waisted pants and full skirts and dresses just begging to be spun around in. I also admire all the old diners in movies with creamy strawberry milkshakes, yum yum!  I've always been entranced with other time periods, but the 50s sound the most fun!
       I found this little girl's outfit while researching saddle shoes. The haircut, the over sized sweater and ahhh..poodle skirt! Poodle skirts are so fun, especially if they're big so you can twirl around. I can tell you from personal experience that  people, especially older people will always compliment you on your poodle skirt. Then they will proceed to tell stories of, " I remember when I was that young with my poodle skirt and saddle shoes, oh they were awful."I don't understand why they don't like them but it's probably because they're so old-fashioned looking and they probably think shoes these days are better . One lady told me that they are just too clunky. Oh well, I still love them. I really like the girl's sweater, it resembles a varsity sweater, maybe there's a letter on the sweater under the books she's holding. And last but certainly not least, the toothy grin just completes the look.

 img from wikipedia
       If I haven't already persuaded you to adore poodle skirts then here's one more reason. I own a poodle skirt from an old Halloween costume and I wear it like any other piece of my wardrobe, though it's getting a bit tight. I was walking around downtown when I walked past two very stylish guys who after I passed started talking about how much they liked my skirt. It always make you feel special when a stranger is uncharacteristically nice. As you might imagine, the event made my day and I have always loved that skirt a little extra.

img from flicker

       I love how classic this woman looks here. Vintage photos always seem to make everything look perfect which I'm sure it wasn't but in a way it was perfectly imperfect( if you make any sense of that). Short hair I think is beautiful and it's a shame that more people do not have it. I used to have a short bob and was considering it again though someone persuaded me out of it because I "do not have the right face shape for it"; which really bothers me so I might just do it anyway...

img from tumblr
What do you guys think about the 50s?
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Can't shake from my brain: Round 1

Do you ever think back to past fashion weeks and certain things just pop out in your mind? I have put together a set of photos (which I don't own and are from various sources linked below) of my favorites from a couple years. These were the ones I was just gravitating to at the time so later I'm going to do a round two of more minimalist favorites. Ooh I might even do one for couture... I guess you'll just have to stick around and see!
img from bookiblog
img from

These photos are from Prada's Spring 2011 show. The show in general was very colorful, totally up my alley, complete with banana prints! The first photo is my favorite look because of the monkeys (obviously!), the rockin' glasses and the color combination of the pink and royal blue. The second photo is a close up of the ultra-cool metallic makeup from the show. The orange shirt is very distinctive and almost looks like a nurse's uniform, but I like it none the less.

img from

This photo is from Christopher Kane's Summer 2012 show. I think this is a really pretty dress, I'm a sucker for floral anything. I bet it would look even better in real life because it's sheer making the flowers really pop. Christopher Kane, you've done it again.

This show from Mary Katrantzou (fall 2011) was spectacular and very difficult to simply chose one photo so here's another. I love her work because of the unique patterns. Every show they're completely fresh and new. I admire how she mixes patterns that are quite different yet all together it looks wonderful. And do I even need to mention the incredible shape of the skirts?
img from vogue
There ya go, some pieces I recently can't shake from my mind. What do you guys think?
Princess Leia

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Art of the future

A couple months ago when I was on a trip of a life time, I went to the 21st century art museum in Kanazawa, Japan. It's an amazing museum simply because there's not much like it. The museum it's self is ginormous and mostly empty space; very minimalist with its theme of white, completed with tall glass windows and walls. Granted they were working on a couple exhibits while I was there, it was still weird having so little exhibits in such a large space. I'm used to ancient art museums with petite paintings filling the walls. While walking through the expanse I realized that the museum's architecture it's self is a work of art. The vibe you got from being in such a surreal environment was fantastic.

 In addition to the indoor exhibits there are a couple installations outdoors that you could climb on or walk through. Remember in preschool the little plastic primary colors we would layer to make new colors? Well one of the the installations was just like that but life size!

Sorry this photo is upside down. This exhibit, called Final Home was my favorite. It's beautiful in an inexplicably way. The designer's message talks about Japanese natural disasters and how people find their final home in their clothing. He designs purposeful  clothing like the jacket that can be stuffed with newspaper to keep warm. There was also gorgeous clear jackets stuffed with flowers. The exhibit is so complex with all the issues it addresses ( fast fashion, practicality, the environment etc.) that it leaves you wondering. All in all it was very thought provoking.

Not my own photo
© Leandro ERLICH
photo : NAKAMICHI Atsushi / Nacása & Partners

 Above is a inner courtyard where they were working on on an exhibit where the visitor is underneath a swimming pool looking up. I so wish I could have been inside, it sounds really interesting to photograph. Below the first photo is a photo of the finished exhibit.

This is the view of the sculpture of a man "measuring the sky" from inside. I particularly like this photo because of how the color of the slightly gloomy overcast sky fits into the photo.

If any of you are ever in Japan I highly recommend this museum.
Princess Leia

New Kid on the Block

Hiya! This is my blog about my thoughts on fashion and art. In the future I will be posting photos but right now  I'm just learning the ropes so feel to leave some comments. Ta ta for now..
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