Friday, August 16, 2013


     In preface to Round 2 of Can't shake from my brain inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Love Aesthetics, I wanted to write a little about minimalism.

     I am inspired by the lifestyle in general. It interests me simply because I know I would never be able obtain one. It is a foreign thing. Awhile ago I was thinking of redoing my room and going for a minimalist feel. The more I thought about it the more I realized I couldn't sustain it. For one, think about the cleaning! But the way I decorate, I tend to keep old trinkets and  treasured items on display. I also keep back issues of magazines which I admire later for inspiration. Along with these, I keep meaningless things that I ought to toss. 

    The whole essence of minimalism is to keep your most favorite things and get rid of the rest. I do really believe that can benefit you so that you are not materialistic, which is a different story entirely.

     I am between thoughts of whether this, let's say "precious clutter" inhibits you from focusing on a goal, and distracting you or if they have a justified emotional and sentimental value. I mean it must or else why would we keep it? I ask myself that sometimes when I come across something that has no purpose? Do we do it subconsciously? Somethings in your room can inspire you but at the same time a clear open space with only your most prized items, allows you brain to " breathe fresh air". Does this mean that I want a minimalist lifestyle? Maybe. As I am on my own style journey to really find me I am often conflicted on these matters and left in a state of confusion.
    I  sometimes think that by not having a minimalist lifestyle I can appreciate the beauty more. There is something simply refreshing about the crisp white color and modern design. It might just be the OCD in me but when I picture a minimalist white clean room my brain relaxes and just says ahhh. And when viewing minimalism from a distance is, at least to me art. Art should relax yet promote questions for your brain and minimalism does exactly that for me.  

     Ivania, I assume gets asks frequently something along the line of "don't you ever get tired of dressing solely in non-colors?". Her response is no. When she explained herself it really made me rethink my idea of the process of designing. When you take away the embellishments and color you're left with the raw design. Coming up with something unique with those requirements I can imagine is extremely difficult. That's where some serious ingenuity and engineering have to work to create something breathtaking yet simple. And when all these aspects come together, it is beautiful. I honestly look at designing in a new light.

I hope that developed some thoughts!
Be sure to check out Ivania's blog for some inspiration!
Princess Leia
P.S. I know someone's reading this because blogger tells me so... So I urge you to leave some comments on what you think, want to see etc. 

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