Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Art of the future

A couple months ago when I was on a trip of a life time, I went to the 21st century art museum in Kanazawa, Japan. http://www.kanazawa21.jp/en/ It's an amazing museum simply because there's not much like it. The museum it's self is ginormous and mostly empty space; very minimalist with its theme of white, completed with tall glass windows and walls. Granted they were working on a couple exhibits while I was there, it was still weird having so little exhibits in such a large space. I'm used to ancient art museums with petite paintings filling the walls. While walking through the expanse I realized that the museum's architecture it's self is a work of art. The vibe you got from being in such a surreal environment was fantastic.

 In addition to the indoor exhibits there are a couple installations outdoors that you could climb on or walk through. Remember in preschool the little plastic primary colors we would layer to make new colors? Well one of the the installations was just like that but life size!

Sorry this photo is upside down. This exhibit, called Final Home was my favorite. http://www.kanazawa21.jp/data_list.php?g=88&d=111&lng=e It's beautiful in an inexplicably way. The designer's message talks about Japanese natural disasters and how people find their final home in their clothing. He designs purposeful  clothing like the jacket that can be stuffed with newspaper to keep warm. There was also gorgeous clear jackets stuffed with flowers. The exhibit is so complex with all the issues it addresses ( fast fashion, practicality, the environment etc.) that it leaves you wondering. All in all it was very thought provoking.

Not my own photo
© Leandro ERLICH
photo : NAKAMICHI Atsushi / Nacása & Partners

 Above is a inner courtyard where they were working on on an exhibit where the visitor is underneath a swimming pool looking up. I so wish I could have been inside, it sounds really interesting to photograph. Below the first photo is a photo of the finished exhibit. http://www.kanazawa21.jp/data_list.php?g=30&d=7&lng=e

This is the view of the sculpture of a man "measuring the sky" from inside. I particularly like this photo because of how the color of the slightly gloomy overcast sky fits into the photo.

If any of you are ever in Japan I highly recommend this museum.
Princess Leia

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