Monday, August 12, 2013

Going old school with the Nifty Fifties

        I'm completely obsessed with the 50s at the moment. All the high waisted pants and full skirts and dresses just begging to be spun around in. I also admire all the old diners in movies with creamy strawberry milkshakes, yum yum!  I've always been entranced with other time periods, but the 50s sound the most fun!
       I found this little girl's outfit while researching saddle shoes. The haircut, the over sized sweater and ahhh..poodle skirt! Poodle skirts are so fun, especially if they're big so you can twirl around. I can tell you from personal experience that  people, especially older people will always compliment you on your poodle skirt. Then they will proceed to tell stories of, " I remember when I was that young with my poodle skirt and saddle shoes, oh they were awful."I don't understand why they don't like them but it's probably because they're so old-fashioned looking and they probably think shoes these days are better . One lady told me that they are just too clunky. Oh well, I still love them. I really like the girl's sweater, it resembles a varsity sweater, maybe there's a letter on the sweater under the books she's holding. And last but certainly not least, the toothy grin just completes the look.

 img from wikipedia
       If I haven't already persuaded you to adore poodle skirts then here's one more reason. I own a poodle skirt from an old Halloween costume and I wear it like any other piece of my wardrobe, though it's getting a bit tight. I was walking around downtown when I walked past two very stylish guys who after I passed started talking about how much they liked my skirt. It always make you feel special when a stranger is uncharacteristically nice. As you might imagine, the event made my day and I have always loved that skirt a little extra.

img from flicker

       I love how classic this woman looks here. Vintage photos always seem to make everything look perfect which I'm sure it wasn't but in a way it was perfectly imperfect( if you make any sense of that). Short hair I think is beautiful and it's a shame that more people do not have it. I used to have a short bob and was considering it again though someone persuaded me out of it because I "do not have the right face shape for it"; which really bothers me so I might just do it anyway...

img from tumblr
What do you guys think about the 50s?
Princess Leia

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